Lalloguitars Custom

Handmade guitars and basses fully customized

Sometimes customers wants his own guitar, with a specific shape, color, woods, hardware and electronic; he just needs a Lalloguitars Custom. A custom guitar allows you to choose everything. 
Some customers showed me a post-it with a scratch on it, or ask for a custom airbrushing etc... Lalloguitars starts his work from the raw projectto obtain a perfect balanced guitar, just to satisfy customer's needs.

Custom Shape

The first thing you can customize is the shape. Lalloguitars start the project from your ideas and realize a well balanced guitar that respects construction rules followed by the luthier in his musical instruments.


Woods and Look

You can choose also woods with amazing look, colors or custom airbrushing to customize your guitar.
Airbrushing are handmade by Zacco Art.

Intarsi e dettagli

Lalloguitars realizes custom inlays in mother-of-pearl, abalone, or other materials. The luthier realizes also inlayed cover and pickguards.