Lalloguitars Custom

Custom Handmade Guitars and Basses

This is the Lalloguitars Custom Section. You can find some guitars and basses handmaded by the luthier according to the customer needs.
Difference between Custom and standard is the completely freedom in choosing every single details. 

Every single idea has become reality. Take a look to some examples!

Custom Shape

I met customers who drawn a guitar on a post-it by hand, so I designed and built it. You can tell me your ideas, and we can decided how to build it together.

Tonewook and look

In addition to the shape, you can choose wood and color. The luthier helps you matching the woods in order to obtain a good sound, well defined and balanced.
With Lalloguitars Custom you can also have a guitars airbrushed by and by a professional airbrusher. Lalloguitars collaborates with a talented professionist: Zacco Art.

Inlays and Details

Every single details is fully customizable. Custom inlays realized using mother-of-pearl, abalone or other materials; covers and pickguards with custom shape and engravings.

Please, note that these details are customizable also on the Lalloguitars standard models.