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100% Handmade in Italy

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Why choose Lalloguitars

Woods and Hardware

Lalloguitars only uses top quality materials. Woods and Hardware are choosen by luthier from specialist retailers.

Musical Experience

The luthier plays guitar since 1997. He knows the secrets of guitar building,he knows what a musician needs and he knows how to build a guitar (or bass) that can satisfy them.

Free Quotes

Ask for a free quote. you can specify your requirements and get a custom quote.

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100% Handmade in Italy

Each guitar is built by hand by the luthier. He start with the project design and you get the finished guitars, ready to play.


Electric guitars

Look at the electric guitars catalog. We have different models to satisfy your needs.

Electric Basses

Handmade bass guitars. Look at our catalog.

Lalloguitars Custom

The Custom section of Lalloguitars. Here you can find some instruments built according to customer's needs.

Other musical instruments

We also build out of the ordinary musical instruments, like Ukulele, Wine Box Guitar, Diddley Bow etc..

Lalloguitars Video Demo

Dino Cerruti and Marco Cravero, Lalloguitars endorser , playing their Nayra and Midget Type J.
Pickup MAMA Pickups.

Rodolfo Cervetto, endorser Soprano Drums.