Lalloguitars instruments are handmade in Italy, using top quality components, woods and hardware.
Luthier offers a wide choise of musical instruments to meet the customer needs. Every models are standard, but customer can customize details according his needs.

Lalloguitars instruments are electric or "semi-hollow", but you can find some others like Wine Box Guitar, Stomp Box and Diddley Bow, realized according customer needs. You can watch them in "Other instruments" section.
The true value of Lalloguitars is that it is fully customizable, choosing hardware, woods, colour etc...

If you need more than the standard guitar or bass, Lalloguitars can build a "Custom", merging the needs and ideas of the customer requirements with the technical know-how of the luthier.

You can find some Custom Models realized according the customer needs in the "Lalloguitars Custom" section.

Lalloguitars Instruments